MAKTABA: More Than 150 Workshops And Events To Attend

Reading sessions in English and Arabic organized by MAKTABA apart from the workshops and events.

In line with its commitment to encourage a culture of reading in the UAE, MAKTABA at the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi has announced that it will be organizing more than 150 workshops and events during March, to mark the country’s Month of Reading, held this year under the theme ‘My Family Reads’.

The Month of Reading 2021 initiative has been designed to enhance the role of parents in instilling a love of reading in their children, highlighting its importance in achieving family cohesion and its vital role in early childhood development.

Book reading

It also enables children to explore and search for inspiration within books. MAKTABA will be hosting a large number of authors, trainers, and specialists in various fields. Numerous workshops and events for children are being organised by MAKTABA, including reading sessions in both Arabic and English, in which children will listen to stories that fire their imaginations and inspire them with beautiful lessons.


There will also be artistic workshops devoted to cultivating children’s creative talents, teaching them how to design a story’s cover, and the Children’s Theatre workshop, where children will act out a story while wearing costumes. Members of the Young Intellectuals Club, the Creativity Club for Reading and the Young Creators Forum will meet during a number of different virtual sessions.

MAKTABA will also be organizing a number of seminars and workshops for adults, including workshops dealing with the importance of reading and its role in forming linguistic abilities, how to instill within children a passion for reading, as well as a workshop on self-development through music. There will also be reading sessions in Spanish, Chinese and Korean, while People of Determination can look forward to a number of workshops that cover the challenges often faced with reading and how to overcome them.

Anyone interested can view the full schedule of events and register to attend through the following link:


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