44 year old patient successfully resected from a 900 gram tumour

A multidisciplinary team of surgeons at Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital performed the surgery

A 44 year old patient was presented at the Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital with a rare and fast growing tumour. The tumour was found in the thoracic inlet area.

The doctors were shocked to see the growth of the tumour not being prevented by medial treatment. The tumour board members concluded that surgery was the only option to relieve the patient from his debilitating pain to resume normal activity.

This critical surgery posed potential risks and complications in sensitive locations of the patient’s body. A multidisciplinary team comprising a consultant surgeon, orthopedic upper limb surgeon, vascular surgeon, neuro surgeon and general surgeons with surgical oncology expertise thoroughly planned the surgical approach.

The Radiology Department was involved to avoid potential intraoperative and post operative complications. Possible side effects included incomplete resection of the tumour, injury to the right arm nerve roots, injury to major arm arteries and brain stroke.

After a nine-hour surgery, the transition between teams and in coordination with the anesthesia team,
the patient was smoothly recovered. This surgical operation underwent multiple stages.

After hours of surgical exposure, the mass of 900gm tumour was removed by the General Surgery team of Dr. Haytham N. Elsalhat and Dr. Ibrahim Turki Tamur. The patient had to undergo yet another operation to repair and fix the right thoracic duct. Eventually the patient was discharged home after two weeks.

Although the invasive nine hour long surgery posed high risks, the patient did not suffer any nerve damage.


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