Nando’s Offers 1,000 Complimentary Meals to Delivery Drivers


Nando’s Ramadan Initiative

1,000 Complimentary Meals for Delivery Drivers Join Nando’s, the renowned South African fast-casual chain, as it spreads joy this Ramadan by honoring the dedicated delivery drivers who ensure families enjoy their iftar meals at home.

Throughout Ramadan, delivery drivers play a vital role, and Nando’s aims to express gratitude with 1,000 complimentary meals. These heartwarming gestures are a token of appreciation for their tireless efforts.

Key Points:

  • Nando’s will provide 1,000 complimentary Iftar meals to delivery drivers.
  • This initiative is a sincere expression of gratitude for their dedication during Ramadan.
  • Each driver arriving around iftar time will receive a generous Iftar meal from Nando’s, symbolizing respect and appreciation.

Join Nando’s in celebrating the spirit of compassion and generosity this Ramadan.

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