Swim your way to fitness with Nation Riviera Beach Club!

Nation Riviera Beach Club
Achieve your fitness goals with swimming

Nation Riviera Beach Club is now offering a fresh way to embrace your fitness goals. They have introduced their swimming classes for adults and children.

Nation Riviera Beach Club is encouraging adults and children of all ages to hone their swimming skills and achieve their fitness goals alongside.

The swimming pool is temperature controlled overlooking the Corniche beach. The sessions are for 60 minutes each and let by a qualified and certified instructor.

The sessions are available for beginner and advanced level swimmers.

AED 160 for one class,

AED 735 for five lessons plus one complimentary lesson

AED 1,310 for 10 lessons plus two complimentary lessons

Each lesson is available to redeem until the 31st March, 2022.

To book a lesson or to know more call 02-6944780


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