Updated: New Border Rules Come Into Effect Around Abu Dhabi

Indian Expats in Abu Dhabi
Border rules for people coming to Abu Dhabi for work or leisure will now need to adhere to new regulations for their COVID-19 test results.

Initially when the rules were first declared in June, motorists and passengers needed a negative PCR swab test that was two days old to enter the emirates. However, this was relaxed with the laser testing facility in Ghantoot where people were able to book appointments at AED 50 to enter and leave Abu Dhabi.

The border rules for entering Abu Dhabi have been revised yet again. The Abu Dhabi Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority has announced that all travellers to Abu Dhabi need to a mandatory PCR swab test. If the test has been done in the last 48 hours, the motorist is allowed through but if six days have been passed since the test, they are required to book an appointment for the DOI laser test as well.

These measures are part of consistent efforts of UAE to flatten the curve and safeguard people from the spread.

However, residents who have signed up for the COVID-19 vaccine trials will be exempt from having to take these tests. These trials part of the UAE’s work with experts to potentially manufacture a vaccine that can be used by the public against the virus.


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