Updated Rules For UAE Residence Visas

UAE Residency visa cancellation
Residence visas for those returning to UAE are now being processed.

Thousands of UAE residents have been waiting to travel back since the COVID-19 border lockdowns and restrictions. With the regular disinfection programs and meticulous testing, the government is now confident that it has contained the outbreak and is easing off on the border closures.

In addition to hotels, tourist attractions, staycations and attractions in UAE resuming business operations, flights to and from the country are also resuming with certain rules in place. The UAE Cabinet has announced that all UAE residents, citizens or GCC passport holders will have a grace period of three months to renew their visa and residency documents.

Everyone looking to travel to the UAE needs to apply for a travel permit online at The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA)which is requisite to book your flights.

Residents whose visas have expired since 1st March have three months from now to renew them which is till 11th October. The authorities have also announced fines that will add up per day if the paperwork are not renewed on time. Anyone with an expired visa after 11th October will be fined AED 25 per day and anyone with an expired Emirates ID will also be charged AED 20 per day.

The ICA has released a schedule of when people can start renewing their visas.  If you’re in the UAE and your residence visa is cancelled, you will need to exit the country in 30 days or apply for a tourist visa to stay in the country. Anyone with expired residence visas have been given till 18th August to leave the country.


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