New Passport Application Rule For Indian Expats Employed In Abu Dhabi

Indian Expats in Abu Dhabi

The pandemic situation has changed the lifestyle of the people, and the government is ready to tweak their rules to ensure safe living conditions for its citizens.

The Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi has brought about some changes in the passport application rules. To ensure all citizens maintain social distancing, the Indian expats applying for new passports need not personally visit to apply. Instead, the Indian Embassy is ready to receive the application in absentia, but their company PR should duly represent them in that case. The Indian Embassy has advised the BLS International- an outsourced agency for processing, passport applications for the Indian expats, to follow the new guidelines.

The Embassy decided to relax the rule because of the increasing difficulty of people to commute to the Abu Dhabi city from far-flung areas like Al Ain, Al Ruwais. The applicants had to come to the nearest BLS International office inĀ  Abu Dhabi city in person, earlier. This new guideline will help people to apply online to avoid crowding in the passport service offices.

The Embassy during June 2020 has already issued an advisory exempting pregnant ladies, senior citizens (above 60 years of age), disables persons, minor children to be physically present to apply for a passport. Now the existing rule allows an employer or a company to issue an authorization letter addressed to the Indian Embassy to its PR to present applications on their behalf. The company PR can collect all the essential documents from the applying employees and present them along with the requisite fee at the counter designated for this purpose. The PR of the company will receive the passports on behalf of the employees. “If it works effectively in Abu Dhabi, talks will be initiated with CGI, Dubai to implement the same there as well.


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