Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival: Celebrating UAE’s Culture, Heritage And Traditions

Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival
The Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival has reopened in Abu Dhabi and will run until 20th February 2021.

The Sheik Zayed Heritage Festival– an annual cultural festival to honor the founding father of the UAE has begun in Al Wathba. The higher organizing committee of the Sheik Zayed Heritage Festival announced that the festival started on 20th November and will continue till 20th February 2021. This fascinating festival invites people of any nationalities. All visitors must follow the safety protocol and wear a mask as well as maintain safe distance during the visit.

The festival will take you on a tour of the UAE culture through the art and craft display, live performances on grand pavilions. There will be fabulous folkloric performances on the platform that will highlight the ancient lifestyle of the Emiratis. Of course, falconry display and camel races are indispensable parts of any Emirati show! Many educational workshops will be conducted for encouraging young minds to fly high breaking all bounds of imagination!

Al Wathba – where this festival is happening is a 30 to 45 minutes drive from Abu Dhabi city. Moreover, any mobile App will assist you in finding out the Sheik Zayed Heritage City. Many buses ply from Abu Dhabi bus station to this Festival spot daily. Abu Dhabi Department of transport has increased the number of buses that take visitors to the destination. From 4 PM there are hourly bus services till 7 PM. Likewise, return services will start from 5 PM to 11 PM.

The entry ticket for this festival is only 5 Dirhams. For enjoying their dining services, and for snacks, there will be additional charge for visitors.

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