What You Need To Know About The Newest Outdoor Adventure Hub Circuit X

Circuit X in Abu Dhabi
Circuit X adventure hub in Abu Dhabi promotes a healthy living by helping participants test their balance and strength.

Love a challenge? Then, get your adrenaline racing at Circuit X, Abu Dhabi’s newest outdoor adventure hub, with some wall climbing, ziplining, freefalling and tackling obstacles set four storeys above ground. Located within Modon Properties’ Hudayriyat Leisure and Entertainment District, the High Ropes Park calls all thrill-seekers in Abu Dhabi to unleash their inner Tarzan and leap between 31 obstacles that test balance, strength and fear of heights.

Circuit X

There are many physical and mental benefits to completing obstacle courses together, and with the three different levels of challenges, this park is a great way to bond over the weekdays and weekends.

  • Stress relief

An obstacle course can inject a good dose of joy into life, helping to relieve stress and leaving you with a mixture of “child-like” joy and insane sense of achievement

  • Strength and Balance

Outdoor high ropes courses are a great way to get a full-body workout that builds resilience and enhances the sense of balance, skills that are transferrable to other sports as well.

  • Motivation

The High Ropes Park provides a lot of opportunities to develop mental strength. From high walls and rope climbs to freefalling and ziplining, this obstacle course is full of surprises.

  • Teamwork

There’s no better way to forge team spirit than having to work together to safely get everyone over an obstacle. There is also a wonderful sense of camaraderie amongst competitors as the course offers a level playing field with a core objective of getting to the finish line.

  • Memory and Problem Solving

By finding their way through the challenges, children can enhance key skills like problem-solving and information retention

Circuit X is spread across 15,000 square metres. Home to four action-packed parks, The BMX Park, High Ropes Park as well as Skate Park, and Splash & Climb Park within Marsana, the destination offers four exciting ways to enrich winter break for your children. Offering a space for inclusive fun for guests of all ages and capabilities, the exhilarating destination also offers a 20% discount to People of Determination

For further information on Circuit X, call 02-6910302 or visit www.circuitxuae.com


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