Abu Dhabi Police: Here’s What Will Cost You AED 5,400 In Penalty

Abu Dhabi Police
Driving safely is of an utmost importance for every individual, specially with kids in the back seat.

Motorists have been warned by the Abu Dhabi Police for risking a child sitting in front seat. The rule is part of the new traffic laws that were enacted last September. The police warned that any vehicle of an Abu Dhabi motorist that is spotted will be impounded immediately, if children below the age of 10 sit in the front seat. Owners will have to pay Dhs 5,000 to get it released and also a Dhs 400 fine for the offence that puts the child’s life at risk.

The Abu Dhabi Police warned that the vehicle will remain impounded until release fees are paid. It will also be auctioned after a maximum of three months if it has not been claimed by the owner, in accordance with Law No 5 of 2020 on vehicle impoundment in Abu Dhabi Emirate.

It is mandatory that children below the age of 10 must sit in the back seats of vehicles and should wear seatbelts and kids under the age of four should be seated in child seats. As citizens of the United Arab Emirate and for the safety of our family, its necessary for us to follow and adhere strictly to these rules for our own benefit.


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