Illegal Taxi Services To Be Fined AED 3,000 Warns Abu Dhabi Police

Abu Dhabi Police
The Abu Dhabi Police has issued warning for all motorists operating illegal taxi services.

The Abu Dhabi Police seized over 3,376 cars in 2019 who were transporting travelers without the right authorization. A video by the Abu Dhabi Police has been making the rounds highlighting the need to only travel with legitimate taxi services on account of safeguarding yourself and reducing the rise of private car owners undertaking trips they don’t have the permits to take on.

Licensed taxis are briefed and instructed on the safety standards and the right protocol. On the other hand, private taxis that are not approved are unaware of these measure and therefore are not advised as the mode of transportation. Moreover, there are several undercover police officers scouting the roads to apprehend the motorists as they pick and drop off passengers.

Getting caught will result in a fine of AED 3,000, loss of 24 traffic points in addition to the car being seized for 30 days. Police officers were able to catch several motorists during their inspection campaigns and they are amplifying efforts to curb the region of the illegal activity.

So if you’re travelling with a taxi service, be sure to ensure they have their verified and approved paperwork.


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