Abu Dhabi Police: Punishment For Those Dumping Face Masks, Gloves

You can be fined....

Abu Dhabi Police

The Abu Dhabi Police are getting tough on people who don’t adhere to the rules preventing the spread of COVID-19

We’ve all seen them and we, like you, are appalled. Walk down most streets in the capital and you’ll come across discarded face masks and gloves strewn on the ground.

What’s ironic in all this is that such items are being worn to help prevent the stem of the pandemic yet clearly the littering of such items is a breach of the precautions in place set down by the UAE and Abu Dhabi authorities.

But now you’ll be glad to hear that the authorities, namely Abu Dhabi Police, is getting tough on offenders across the capital.

The police have said they will fine people AED 1000 if they dispose of their masks and gloves on roads, streets and public facilities. The hazardous health and environmental risks that such dumping pose on the community as a whole are clear.

Abu Dhabi police also said that any motorists found tossing masks and gloves from their car window will be fined AED 1000 and a penalty of six traffic points on their driver’s license.

Abu Dhabi Police are known for their positive actions in keeping us all safe in the capital.

Recently, it released a statement saying that it is the responsibility of parents to keep their children safe when they are using the Internet, particularly during these times when children are now part of distance learning programmes being delivered by their respective schools.

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