One Student Tells Us How Distance Learning Is Going

Distance Learning

Al Mamoura Academy Year Six student Ghaya Al Muhairi talks us through how she is rising to the challenge of e-learning during the holy month.

So Ghaya, tell us what do you think the most important qualities of Ramadan are?

I think there are many. One of the most important is showing understanding toward people who go hungry for long periods of time and who have no access to food or drink. Another quality is showing kindness to others and avoiding name-calling and other mean actions.

Have you carried out any good deed yourself during this holy time? Share with us some examples.

Yes, I have. Fasting helps us to relate to those who are hungry due to poverty. We can also donate money to the Red Crescent to provide food, water or clothes to those who need it most. We forgive a person that has made a mistake easier in Ramadan, and we try our best to be kind towards everyone who crosses our path.

You can’t actually go to school, but you are still learning online. So, tell us about your distance learning routine during Ramadan?

Firstly, I wake up for Suhoor, then I try my best to wake up early in time for my live lessons which start my day. I follow the same routine, but I just try to drink more water and eat well during Suhoor to give me the energy I need for the day ahead.

What is the best thing about distance learning during Ramadan in your opinion?

The best thing I love about distance learning in Ramadan is that our lesson timings have been adapted to Ramadan. Extra time is given to submit work, and the schedules of the lessons are more flexible during Ramadan.

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