6 Virtual Experiences At The Louvre Abu Dhabi To Keep Kids On Track

Louvre Abu Dhabi

These educational experiences are fun and informative and great for filling the kid’s head with really useful facts, so log on to Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Knights of the realm

Louvre Abu Dhabi

An e-catologue on Furusiyya: The Art of Chivalry between East and West cleverly explores the origin of chivalry when knights roamed the earth. There are more than 130 rare artworks, manuscripts and historic traditions and facts to discover and to act out.

Do the tour

Now that you’ve learned (well, almost) all the facts, it’s time to head the virtual tour for a visual view of those knightly days gone by.  You’ll get to see international pieces that illustrate fights between knights, the armour they wore and how that helped them in battle, and so much more.

Night and day

Louvre Abu Dhabi

Now, this experience promises to cast some light on the concept of night and day. Discover the astrolabe, an instrument that helps astronomers determine where the stars were located and understand what time it was during the night and day.

Read about art

The Louvre Abu Dhabi has put together a great reading list and have been shortlisting titles on a weekly basis. Recently, they have chosen The Artist in the Machine by Arthur I Miller for the grownups, and for the kids, Drawing from the City by Tejubehan. Don’t forget to log on each week to find out what titles are short listed each week.

Make it yourself

Louvre Abu Dhabi

The museum also has loads of easy to follow videos to keep those little hands busy.  There are all sorts of craft projects that can easily be made from scraps found in the home. So, go on, it’s time to get creative with the little ones.

The perfect e-resource

And don’t forget to check out those useful e-learning resources and material where you and the kids get to browse and understand the exhibits on display. There are also some really cool activities for classroom and home projects, so top marks for that!

For further information, log on to Louvre Abu Dhabi


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