A Webinar To Help You Make The Most Of You While In Quarantine

Webinar by Change Works

Kasey Conrad and Muneer Al Busaidi invites you to log on and reflect where you are now, what’s next and how to get there.

Hey Kasey, we’ve heard you’ve got a new webinar running shortly?  What’s the title?

The Getting More Done Guide for People in Quarantine.

Wow! That sounds interesting! What’s it about?

This webinar is an exposition on the opportunity you’ve been given during this stay at home time, to deeply reflect on where you are, where you want to go and how you can get there. It’s a three step process where you will

  • Understand where you are in your life now what challenges you face, what is holding you back and the areas that you need to focus on most… 
  • Gain clarity on your ideal and perfect future in a way that will create a natural motivation to move you towards it…
  • Double your productivity so that you can use the gift of time that you have been given to achieve your lifelong dreams…

We hear a lot these days about webinars on getting us to ‘do something’ while we’re in quarantine. How’s yours different?

The Getting More Done Guide provides, not only effective tools to help you be productive during the quarantine but will help you to develop lasting habits that will ensure, when applied, your productivity long after.

Most webinars focus purely on productivity – the vehicle. Whats the use of a great vehicle if you have nowhere to go? We start by looking at what you WANT and NEED along with what obstacles have stopped you from getting there. Then we utilise the ultimate vehicle of productivity to help you get there.

What else do we need to know about it?

You will be joining two of 2020’s premiere International Coaches and Influencers, and we appreciate that there is more to getting your ideal outcome than a three-day webinar, so we’ve put together a complete bundle designed to give you everything that you need to both consciously and subconsciously operate at your peak.

It sounds really interesting and useful. What would you say are the three most important takeaways from the webinar?

  • We are in the midst of one of the most challenging times in human history; the world is changing faster than ever before – your ability to use your time wisely and advance yourself is the most important skill you need right now… (and you wont get a second chance to get this time back)!
  • The world of business is changing faster than ever before – jobs are transforming at an extremely rapid pace, challenges and opportunities are being created faster than ever before. Your ability to manage your state and productivity will allow you to be prepared for any eventuality….
  • The internet and other technological tools such as teaching websites make it easier than ever to achieve many of your productivity goals from the comfort of your own home …Joining this webinar for example.

Who should be part of this webinar? How many can join?

This webinar is for you if you would like to achieve more and enjoy doing it. It’s for you if you want to financially secure yourself and your family in this economy.

It’s for you if you want to move further and faster towards your goals over the next year. It’s for you if you want to accept challenges and turn them into opportunities.

It’s for you if you want to stop allowing negative stories and news on social media to affect your mental and emotional health and instead shift your attention to a growth-related focus.

We love the sound of this. Where do we sign up?

Visit our link here for more information – we have made this a no-brainer and ensured that it is accessible to everyone for less than a dinner out. We look forward to seeing you soon and serving you.

Contact us if you have any questions @ [email protected] or [email protected]

Your hosts

The webinar will be hosted by Kasey Conrad and Muneer Al Busaidi

Kasey Conrad, Well Being Specialist and Whole Life Coach with 25 years of one-to-one client experience and over 5000 students worldwide Kasey has been affecting lasting change and personal growth. Owning and managing Holistic Wellness centers in the USA and the UAE since 1999, Kasey knows how to inspire to achieve.

Muneer Al Busaidi a best-selling author and peak performance coach who has travelled the world learning from the greatest experts in peak performance and used that to help over 80 nationalities in the last 10 years.

Join The Getting More Done Guide for People in Quarantine webinar on 10th, 11th & 12th May, 8.30pm UAE time. For more information visit: [email protected] or  masterofpersuasion.com

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