Fancy A Shamelessly Good Pizza…. Then This Is For You!

NKD Pizza
We all love pizza – a freshly baked delicious crust topped with tomato sauce, cheese and your favourite topping.

Well, get a pizza of this!  Our friends over at NKD Pizza are creating a massive buzz with their flavourful authentic range of shamelessly good pizzas.

So, what makes them this great?

Three Pizza's

Those delightful crusts that NKD Pizza is famous for are no accident.  The UAE-wide pizza joint uses its
famous ‘Ancestral Blend’ of 10 grains dough, which gives you those healthier and lighter pizza options that you keep going back for.

NKD pizza

Then there are the toppings. Yes, they’re fresh (That goes without saying), but there’s also a wide variety of flavours from farm to field for all palates.  So, whether you are vegan, vegetarian or a meat lover, there’s going to be something for you. And don’t forget, you can always customise your own.

NKD Pizza

The brand has been here for just a year in Abu Dhabi but it’s already cutting through the noise with its great pizzas and sides. As Punam Choudhary, NKD Pizza Abu Dhabi owner says:  “We are all pizza lovers and we love NKD Pizza! We are confident that we can cater all over Abu Dhabi with our shamelessly good pizzas.”

NKD Pizza offers

Now, we’re sure you’re all probably hungry after reading this, so head over to NKD Pizza website and take advantage of the amazing daily deals today.

You can get up to 50% discount when you use code clubnkd to place your order online. It’s a limited time offer !!!


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