Abu Dhabi Residents No Longer Need An Alcohol License

No Alcohol License
Stores around the capital will not require permits to sell alcohol

Everyone who is looking to purchase alcohol till now needed a card that stated they were eligible to buy alcohol. The authorities have declared this is no longer a regulation and only needs to be 21 years and above to make the buy. This year has seen a number of changes in the rules regarding procuring alcohol for residents in terms of making it easier to obtain a permit. For instance, residents were no longer required to have a no-objection certificate from their employer. All they needed to fill was a form and with their Emirates ID and a fee of AED 270, the licence could be availed.

While a permit is no longer needed, there are still rules in regards to consumption. Anyone found reselling or consuming the same in unlicenced areas or public areas will be penalised strictly. Residents in Dubai still need a license to buy from the stores.

Also, the first legal alcohol home delivery service to launch in Abu Dhabi by Spinneys Liquor, part of MMI group.

Residents of the capital can have alcohol delivered as long as they are over 21, non-Muslim, and have a valid Emirates ID, UAE driving license or original passport.

To order, you need to register at spinneysbevhomedelivery.com


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