Those Homes Under Quarantine In Abu Dhabi Will Be Issued Notices

Abu Dhabi
Authorities will mark the entrances of houses that have people in self-quarantine to increase vigilance

The UAE was listed as one of the safest countries in the world to be on account of its diligent work in containing the spread of Covid-19 and residents adhering to the home quarantine. With cases slightly increasing, the authorities want to ensure that life is able to continue with no real disruption while increasing community awareness.

This initiative is a step towards reminding people to practise caution and social distancing at all times. The Abu Dhabi Government Media Office said: “In order to protect public health, maintain adherence to precautionary measures, and encourage social responsibility, notices are to be placed at the entrances of all residential units where people are quarantining.”

This is part of several measures that the Abu Dhabi government is taking to regulate the community transmission of the virus. For instance, international travellers entering Abu Dhabi will now have to wear an electronic band till their mandatory 14 day quarantine period is over. These tags are free and will be distributed by the airport authorities and will need to be worn only by travellers who decide to stay in the capital.

It is essential that we as the community cooperate with the efforts of the government that are aimed at safeguarding our health and safety.


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