UAE Petrol and diesel prices drop in October across the Emirates

Petrol and Diesel Prices
Motorist pay less at the pump after significant increase in recent months

Petrol and diesel prices across the UAE drop in October. Prices rose sharply earlier this year on the back of sustained high global oil prices. The prices fell in both August and September as oil prices eased.

Below is the breakdown of the prices per litre in October as follows.

  • Super 98: AED 3.03 from AED 3.41 in September
  • Special 95: AED 2.92 from AED 3.30 in September
  • Diesel: AED 3.76 from AED 3.87 in September
  • E-plus 91: AED 2.85 from AED 3.22 in September

The prices announced by the UAE Fuel Price Committee in July were the highest so far since they were liberalised in 2015 to allow them to move in line with the market.

In 2020, prices were frozen by the Fuel Price Committee after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. The controls for petrol and diesel were removed in March 2021 to reflect the movement of the market.


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