Plants From Pencils? We Are Not Kidding

Plants from Pencils? Try Sprout

We often hear news of eco-friendly initiatives spearheaded by the government and public sector here in Abu Dhabi.

With climate change and pollution an urgent concern worldwide, we are at a critical point where every noble effort counts.

And speaking of such, a Denmark-based firm has come up with a cool product that is both useful and environmentally kind at the same time.

Launched in 2013, Sprout has created the first pencil that you can plant after using. The pencil can grow to become flowers, vegetables and herbs.

The Sprout pencil has become a true representation of sound recycling concept, where an item gains a new use after its initial purpose.

The Middle East has likewise get into the act, with various establishments ordering the innovative pencil as well as being sold at Virgin Megastores across the country.

“Every day, over 135 million plastic ball pens are produced in the world. This is a huge amount of plastic that ends up in our landfills,” said Michael Stausholm, Sprout founder and chairman.

“In Sprout, we offer an alternative that gives plants back to the planet, but more importantly; we introduce an innovative way for companies to communicate their sustainable initiatives.”

But plantable pencils aren’t just the tip of the iceberg for Sprout. The company has announced the upcoming release of its 100 percent biodegradable and plastic-free spoon matched with quality tea.

“We experience a growing interest from Middle East companies, hotels and retails. The whole region knows that sustainability has come to stay,” Michael mentioned.

“I see a wide spread openness and curiosity towards finding long lasting solutions.



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