Liwa Tal Moreeb festival at the world’s tallest sand dunes in Abu Dhabi

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Running until 31st December Liwa Tal Moreeb festival

The region’s most powerful four-wheel drivers have gathered in Al Dhafra for the two-week Liwa Tal Moreeb Festival. Running until 31st December, Liwa Tal Moreeb festival attracts the region’s most powerful four-wheel drives and bikers.

Exciting challenges include cars drag race, bikes race, motocross track challenge, camel race, horse race, classic cars competition and Moreeb track for freestyle drifting.

Liwa Tal Al Moreeb

A total of 100 drivers will compete in the two-day freestyle drifting.

The festival offers a celebration of UAE heritage with competitions and activities such as bike riding and camping in the desert of Moreeb Dune. The highlight feature of the festival is the adventurous race to the top of one of the world’s highest sand hills.

Organisers provide visitors and participants attending the festival and races with all facilities and services. Camping and accommodations in the Moreeb Dune is a unique and extraordinary experience.

Situated in Abu Dhabi’s majestic Al Dhafra region, Tel Moreeb is considered by many to be the world’s tallest sand dune. At over 300 metres high, with its 50-degree incline making it a prime destination for motorsports enthusiasts.

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