Mark Your Calendars: Ramadan Start Date Announced for UAE

Ramadan in UAE

UAE Ramadan Alert: Moon Sighted, Taraweeh Prayer Commences.

Get ready for the start of Ramadan in the UAE on 11th March as the Moon has been sighted, marking the beginning of the holy month. With the pleasant weather during March-April, fasting will be a comfortable experience, especially with the recent heavy rains cooling down temperatures.

During Ramadan, Muslims observe special prayers known as Taraweeh, performed after the Isha prayer. These prayers will commence from Sunday, March 10, across mosques in the UAE, typically consisting of eight units (rakat) followed by three units of Witr. The duration usually ranges from 30 minutes to an hour.

As the month progresses, late-night prayers called Qiyam-ul-layl will also take place, particularly during the last 10 days of Ramadan, starting from March 30. These prayers are held after midnight, lasting anywhere between 1.5 to three hours, offering worshippers a profound spiritual experience.

Stay tuned for updates on prayer timings and locations, ensuring you make the most of this blessed month in the UAE.


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