Review: Here’s What We Think Of Vapiano In Abu Dhabi!

Vapiano Abu Dhabi
Vapiano is an open invitation to happiness with family, friends or guests at the dining table.

I must admit, my comfort food is definitely Italian cuisine and heading down to Vapiano, Abu Dhabi Mall was something I was looking forward to. Italian cuisine has been one o!f my weakness and we decided to have our afternoon lunch at Vapiano, Abu Dhabi Mall.

We reached Vapiano around 2.00 pm and as we entered we could sense the vibe of Italy. Big monochrome frames portraying heritage and iconic places in Italy. I was fortunate to travel to Italy few years ago and it brought back our good memories. As we made ourselves comfortable, we were greeted by the staff and thereafter we asked them for their food recommendation.


The ‘pasta alfredo with penne’  is something you should try which is prepared with cream, chicken breast, mushrooms and onions. Your pasta is freshly prepared right in front of you and can see the entire process at the pasta counter.

If you love Italian cuisine the classic Risotto has to be one of the selections and we opted for Pomodoro E Gamberetti which comprised of onion, tomatoes sauce, cherry tomatoes, basil pesto with pine nuts served with Grana padano grated cheese which can be served on top of the dish or on the side. My toddlers were served with the Margherita pizza which was shaped like a bunny which I found it was fancy, however the kids loved and enjoyed every slice.

Pasta Penne at Vapiano

The mango passion mojito is a must try and my favourite, its a concoction of blended mango and passion fruit juice, mint leaves and lemon juice giving you a refreshing punch. Vapiano also serves fresh juices which I will always recommend to try over aerated beverages.


The entire meal was heavenly and divine, not forgetting the positive ambience with ample of natural light making you feel completely comfortable. How can you end your meal without your dessert? The Tiramisu has always been our favourite Italian dessert and Vapiano has one of the finest Tiramisu apart from the chocolate pastry. Make sure these are on your must-try list.

The staff and the chef have been friendly and approachable. For those who are vegetarian, vegan or prefer gluten free or lactose free dishes, Vapiano cooks everything and exactly the way you like it. We would definitely be back for more.

They’ve got three branches in Abu Dhabi, you can call Vapiano, Abu Dhabi Mall on 02-5468794 for more details.


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