Review: Reconnect this Ramadan at Al Raha Beach Hotel

Al Raha Beach Hotel
Al Manzil restaurant is a hidden gem at Al Raha Beach Hotel

We’ve already been to Al Raha Beach Hotel for their amazing Friday BBQ lunch and daycations. This Ramadan, Al Manzil restaurant gives you an experience of their traditional Arabian hospitality and lavish display of their exquisite Iftar buffet at Al Raha Beach Hotel. This is something we were looking forward to.

Al Raha Beach Hotel

We arrived just in time to be seated before the call to prayer went out and it was time to break the fast. The staff extended a warm greeting at the door and we were offered options of indoor or outdoor seating by the pool.

The tables were set with neat little platters of cold mezze and a tray of dates was offered to break the fast. The ambiance is intimate and delightful with tables suitably spaced apart.

Al Raha Beach Hotel

We start to dig in to the cold mezze, the hummus and the vine leaves were excellent, soon a series of hot mezze was served. The Falafel were delicate and fluffy while the Kibbeh had a nice crunch to them and was perfect. You have to try the chicken shawarma wrapped which was flavorful and we loved the over all presentation.

You have a display of traditional Arabic drinks, one is a tangy tamarind based drink that was very refreshing and another had hints of Hibiscus. You can also ask for any soft drink or the yoghurt based Laban.

We decided to sample some salads, stopping by the soup station we got some of the creamy Broccoli Soup, they have a classic Arabic soup which is worth trying too. The salad section has a huge variety of Middle Eastern salads mixed with some classics, we loved the shrimp salad and the beetroot hummus.

Arabic dish

There is a good selection of mains all neatly displayed in gleaming covered dishes that keep the food piping hot. We try the Arabic mixed grills, the lamb kofta was amazingly soft, the chicken was moist and tender and the grilled veggies were just perfect.

We tried the kofta curry and the Salona with some of the chicken mandi which was just divine, the rice was delicately spiced and was perfect for soaking up the Salona gravy and the huge piece of chicken on top was grilled to perfection.

Different variety of food at Al Raha Beach Hotel

There was delight in the king fish tikka, the fish was fresh and grilled just right with a hint of Indian tikka spices giving it a delightful punch. The veg biryani was flavorful which we enjoyed with a bit of the yoghurt dip and pickles.

One of the highlights of this Iftar at Al Manzil, Al Raha Beach Hotel is the grilled Hammour with delicious Dill rice. The fish was perfectly cooked, tender and the flavorful rice perfectly complimented the flavours of the fish.

Grilled Hammour

All this delightful food is hard to pass up but we had to save space for the desserts. There is a great selection of traditional Arabic and international desserts to choose from. The Kunafa was delightfully flavorful and a hint of sugar syrup kicked it to a different level.

The portions of coffee custard and the cheesecake were delicious and the chocolate tart was light and decadent. The rice puddings and the tiramisu along with the swiss rolls were an absolute delight, we just couldn’t resist and ate way more than was good for us.

We must say we are once again really happy with the food, the taste is excellent with a good variety, the service was attentive and we had a really pleasant conversation with our server, Gautam, who kept an eye on our table, refilling our drinks and making sure we were well looked after.

The manager Mr. Adel came over and had a chat with us, we loved how he was on the floor interacting with all the guests which was very nice, he even mentioned we could order anything that was not on the menu and he would have it sent over which was really a kind gesture from him.

Al Manzil, Al Raha Beach Hotel is a great place for an intimate Iftar with your family, the food is excellent and the staff makes you feel at home giving you the family feeling.

The Iftar is priced at AED 195 per person all inclusive, AED 110 for kids aged 6 to12 and is available all through the Holy month of Ramadan from sundown to 10.00 PM. You can also order an Iftar To-Go that can you can pre order and collect or get delivered to your home.

For reservations call +971 2 508 0577 or click here to book


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