If you love Jazz music, Rosewood Abu Dhabi is your place

Rosewood Abu Dhabi
The next Jazz night takes place on 06th January, 2023

Rosewood Abu Dhabi is launching a bi-monthly Jazz night in Abu Dhabi. The talented Boom.Diwan jazz band will perform at the alluring Hidden Bar at Rosewood Abu Dhabi.

The jazz night is set on the first and third Friday of every month. The much loved Kuwaiti jazz group will be uniting music fans, socialites and beverage connoisseurs for an unmissable evening of upbeat tunes, premium beverages and amazing view.

Boom.Diwan’s enchanting rhythms are inspired by the century-old sea shanties that Kuwaiti pearl divers would sing during their long voyages across the Indian Ocean.

They will bring the charm and magic of ancient Kuwaiti traditions to the cosmopolitan city of Abu Dhabi. The band’s own innovative brand of jazz is based on improvisation, fluidity, and dialogue. The band is influenced by fascinating global cultures, spanning as far as Zanzibar and India.

Spiritual, ethereal and led by beating drums and soulful vocals, Boom.Diwan’s modern Khaleeji jazz is a wonderful tribute to the history of the Middle East.

The multi-national band’s extraordinary sound is the result of a collaborative effort between four supremely talented musicians.

  • Ghazi Al-Mulaifi

Boom.Diwan founder, guitarist and professor of Applied Ethnomusicology at NYU Abu Dhabi.

  • Jesse Boere

Dutch singer, song writer and composer

  • Claude Cozens

Cape Town jazz extraordinaire and Californian instrumentalist

  • Aaron Marcus-Willers

New York University Abu Dhabi graduate

Each tantalising edition of Hidden Bar jazz night is entirely free to attend, with food and beverages available to purchase on an à la carte basis.

The next Jazz Night is on 06th January starting 8.00 pm onwards followed by first and third Friday of every month.

To make a reservation now call Rosewood Abu Dhabi on 02-8135550


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