This 4-Star Hotel Is Out To Save Planet Earth!

Eco-wars at Novotel Al Bustan

Every 22nd April, communities around the world come together to observe Earth Day.

The occasion promotes understanding of key environment issues to encourage people to do something to take care of our surroundings.

And doing its part to this cause is Novotel & Adagio Abu Dhabi Al Bustan through its various activities for staff and guests to participate in.

Recently, the property staged its Eco Chef Wars featuring the hotel’s chefs teaming up with fellow staff and guests.

Eco Wars Cooking Challenge

The fun competition pitted teams as they strived to come up with tasty dishes with less food waste.

This latest initiative is part of the hotel’s commitment to Planet 21 – the sustainable development programme participated in by hotel brands under Accor.

“We had a real engagement, from our teams and guests alike and the result was great. We have seen innovative ideas that can be applied at home, and that was the objective,” said Souffian Zaeraoui, the hotel’s general manager.

Novotel Al Bustan Abu Dhabi

“But this is just the tip of the iceberg. This month alone, in addition to all actions that were taken previously, we are launching a list of new sustainable initiatives.

“Earlier this week, we have started our own urban garden where we will be growing our own herbs that will be used in our restaurants. Later this month, we will totally discontinue the plastic straws in the hotel. We are also planning a clean up the world day, where we will go to the mangroves to collect all the rubbish and detritus.”

He said in closing: “We feel a social responsibility. If there is something that we all have in common, it is the Earth!

“Running an environmentally friendly business is a necessity today. Not only to preserve the natural resources but also to retain our talents, to touch our clients and to inspire confidence from our partners.

“It can even save you money and probably get you ready for future regulations. So go for it!”Visit:

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