Preventive Measures For School Buses In Abu Dhabi Announced

Covid-19 rules for schools in Abu Dhabi
The Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) of the Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) have rules and regulations that pupils and drivers have to follow in the buses.

School authorities have been preparing to welcome students back to regular classes. Along with sterilisation of the premises, the school buses too are being tended too, to ensure that students travelling in them are kept safe.

As of now, 7,625 school buses will operate this academic year in Abu Dhabi transporting more than 400,000 students. All children over the age of six are required to wear masks, avoid physical contact with other children, sit in designated areas and sanitise hands before boarding.  This is in addition to drivers being tested negative for Covid-19, wearing masks and gloves always during their shifts.

There will also be temperature checks carried out on the students before they board and exit the bus at school.

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