Sheikh Khalifa Marine Research Centre delivers 600,000 fish fingerlings

Sheikh Khalifa Marine Research Centre
The research centre can produce close to 30 million fish fingerlings per year

The Sheikh Khalifa Marine Research Centre has delivered 600,000 fish fingerlings to a number of aquaculture companies in the UAE. This includes Emirates National Aquaculture Company, as part of the UAE’s efforts. Following the full renovation process the centre had undertaken to enhance its hatchery.

The batch comprises European seabream, a number of which will be raised in the aquaculture companies’ cages. Fish Farm LLC is managing the operations and maintenance of the Sheikh Khalifa Marine Research Centre. They are working to enhance operations to reach full capacity in one month. This will support the upcoming fish farming season.

A comprehensive plan is in place to produce more than 7 million fish fingerlings of various species. The count includes sea bream, hammour, seabass and cobia amongst others.

Mariam bint Mohammed Almheiri, Minister of Climate Change and the Environment, said, “The development of fisheries is a top priority for the UAE. It is a key component in our plans to enhance our food security and increase our annual food production. The Sheikh Khalifa Marine Research Centre’s hatchery is an important instrument in achieving these objectives. The facility boasts an enormous capacity to produce nearly 30 million fish fingerlings per year in two stages. This demonstrates the hatchery’s great ability to supply aquaculture farms around the country with top-quality fingerlings in preparation for their breeding and entry to the market”.


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