Mind blowing motorcycle shows at The Sheikh Zayed Festival

The Sheikh Zayed Festival
A series of live motorcycle shows will run until 30th January, 2022

The Sheikh Zayed Festival will see the launch of “Extreme Weekends”. A series of astonishing live motorcycle shows, will run from 7th to 30th January, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The Sheikh Zayed Festival

The Extreme Weekends live shows are in line with the efforts of the festival’s organising committee. They will deliver a thrill-filled agenda featuring a wide variety of events and activities.

The Sheikh Zayed Festival overall promises a spectacle of 650 major shows and events. There are over 130 workshops that aim to develop children’s abilities and creative talents.

Motorcycle stunt

Throughout the January weekends, visitors will enjoy exciting performances by professional motorcyclists. This will take place on a special track set near the Emirates Fountain and designed specifically for this event. Featured motorcyclists will include four world-renowned bikers, who will perform mind-boggling stunts.

“Extreme Weekends” will also see a number of dazzling motocross shows, where riders will defy gravity.

The Festival includes many zones and various cultural and recreational activities. These include the Year of the 50th Zone, Al Forsan International Sports Resort, Funfair City, pavilions showcasing cultures from around the world. In addition to a series of world-class folkloric, carnival and entertainment events and performances.

For more information about the Sheikh Zayed Festival visit: https://zayedfestival.ae/


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