The Wynners Shine with Guinness World Record Coronet Diamond Guitar

Coronet Diamond Guitar

Musical Legends Bid Adieu

The Wynners Conclude Remarkable Journey with Astonishing Concert Featuring Guinness World Record Coronet Diamond Guitar.

Legendary Hong Kong band, The Wynners, bid an unforgettable farewell to their devoted fans during an extraordinary 7-day concert series that concluded on 13th August.

Coronet Diamond Guitar

The grand finale held a spectacular surprise – the mesmerizing performance of the Guinness World Record Coronet Diamond Guitar, an awe-inspiring masterpiece valued at an astounding USD 2 million.

The pinnacle of this farewell extravaganza was the appearance of the Coronet Diamond Guitar, adorned with an impressive 400 ct diamond and crafted from 1.6 kg of gold. This exceptional instrument had previously graced the stage with The Jackson 5 brothers at the BBC Proms, captivating a crowd of 40,000.

Now, its enchanting melody resonated within the iconic Hong Kong Coliseum, where The Wynners shared their farewell moments with a captivated audience of 12,500. The concert’s global broadcast united fans worldwide in witnessing this historic event, transcending geographical boundaries.

The Guinness World Record coronet diamond guitar served as a poignant tribute to The Wynners’ illustrious journey in the music industry. A symbol of their dedication, hard work, and profound impact on Hong Kong’s musical landscape, it stands as an emblem of their legacy. As a testament to its significance, the Guinness Guitar is now proudly showcased at the Coronet Boutique within Dubai Mall.


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