Licensed Tour guides in Abu Dhabi are in for a new incentive scheme!

Sunday in Abu Dhabi
There are 1,122 licensed tour guides in Abu Dhabi

To encourage licensed tour guides in Abu Dhabi a new incentive scheme is launched. This is launched by the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi ( DCT – Abu Dhabi ) for guides in Abu Dhabi to explore the unique culture and experience.

The incentive scheme is part of the Emirati Touchpoint Strategy. This gives visitors more opportunities to delve deeper into Emirati culture, heritage and themes. The initiative aims to spark creativity among licensed guides in Abu Dhabi by offering them discounts, value deals. This encourages them to find out more about the destination whilst developing dynamic and engaging experience.

The offers are redeemable at different types of attraction including 25 participating hotels. Tour guides in Abu Dhabi will receive discounts on facilities such as gyms, spas, access to the pools and beaches and room rates. The scheme also offers venues such as museums, cultural institutions as well as leisure attractions. Tour guides would receive free entry while escorting the groups. Discounted tickets for themselves and the families would be apply when visiting in personal capacity.

This incentive scheme acts as a brilliant support initiative for guides in Abu Dhabi. Visitors have a chance to explore the iconic Abu Dhabi destination including its people and culture.

Currently there are 1,122 licensed guides in Abu Dhabi. They are eligible to be part of this scheme to support the tourism industry. Experienced and knowledgeable tour guides are indispensable to the tourism industry in Abu Dhabi.

As the first point of contact for visitors, the guides share not only in-depth knowledge of the destination, but also lived-in experiences, enthusiasm, and a love for their home.


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