UAE Braces for Varied Weather Conditions Including Rain and Dust Gusts This Weekend

abu dhabi uae
Abu Dhabi, UAE

The UAE National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) has forecasted a dynamic weather pattern for the upcoming week, featuring rain, fog, humidity, and dust gusts reaching up to 40kmph. 

Residents can expect a mix of conditions, with the most significant changes anticipated over the weekend.

According to the NCM, the weather will transition through various stages, starting with fair to partly cloudy skies. 

Coastal areas will see a drop in temperatures, whereas humidity will rise during the night and early morning, particularly along the coast. 

The winds, primarily light to moderate and shifting between southeasterly and northwesterly, are expected to intensify occasionally, leading to dust blowing across the region.

The sea conditions, described as slight in the Arabian Gulf and varying from slight to moderate in the Oman Sea, will accompany the changing weather.

As the week progresses, the likelihood of rain increases, especially with the formation of convective clouds in the eastern regions by the weekend. 

These conditions are also conducive to fog and mist formation in coastal and internal areas of the UAE.

Residents and visitors are advised to stay updated with the latest weather reports and prepare for sudden changes in conditions, particularly if planning outdoor activities.


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