UAE Consumers Embrace Digital Gift Cards for Eid Al Adha Celebrations, Report Reveals

UAE consumers prefer gift cards

As the joyous occasion of Eid Al Adha approaches, a recent survey by YOUGotaGift and YouGov has revealed a significant shift in consumer preferences, with nearly three out of five UAE consumers (62%) favoring gift cards from a preferred brand over traditional gifts.

Furthermore, a staggering 77% of Emirati consumers indicated a stronger preference for gift cards, highlighting the growing appeal of this modern gifting solution.

The survey, conducted with over 1,000 UAE respondents, sheds light on the evolving gift card landscape in the country. One of the most compelling findings pertains to the corporate domain, where 68% of employed respondents expressed their preference for receiving gift cards rather than traditional corporate gifts from their employers.

“The UAE is home to a burgeoning youth population that is highly digitally savvy, bolstered by supportive government initiatives in the digital sphere. Organizations in the UAE must adapt to the country’s evolving rewarding patterns and preferences,” commented Husain Makiya, CEO of YOUGotaGift.

“Digital gift cards present an excellent avenue to drive innovative, engaging employee rewards programs that resonate with this tech-forward workforce.”

The survey also revealed that more than three out of five (66%) of UAE consumers have bought or received a gift card in the previous six months or more, with nearly four in ten (39%) saying they purchased or received a gift card in the six months prior.

Moreover, the appetite for gift cards was particularly pronounced among males (64%), married individuals (65%), and working professionals (64%).

As the gift card industry continues its global expansion, fueled by changing consumer preferences and the unparalleled convenience of digital solutions, YOUGotaGift stands at the forefront of this transformation.

With its meticulously curated catalog of digital and physical gift cards from prestigious brands across diverse markets, YOUGotaGift empowers businesses and individuals alike to deliver memorable, personalized, rewarding, and gifting experiences.


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