UAE: Public schools to resume in-classroom lessons from 29th August

Schools to open in UAE
The new policy decision comes into effect from next academic year

With the return to mundane life and its chores, and coordination with concerned authorities, schools set to reopen for the next academic year 2021-2022. Precautionary and preventive measures will be highly implemented, considering the safety of the students, teachers and administrators.

Ministry of Education, the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority and other authorities in the country have laid down a set of safety protocols for the welfare of students & the educational cadre. These authorities play a vital role in framing guidelines for smooth functioning of the public education system, encouraging students to return to school.

Each school will be handled specifically based on their agendas, which will be controlled by Emirates School Establishment (ESE). Distance learning will remain unchanged if parents wish to opt for it, considering the highest safety standards being put in place for the students and the school community upon returning to school.

Cooperation & support from parents to implement these guidelines is highly required for positive growth of children. With support from teachers,  resuming the educational activities with classmates in a safe environment is the aim.

ESE emphasised on students’ safety being the top priority, safe returns to schools will take place on 29th August, 2021. Continuous efforts for betterment of children, in line with strengthening the educational system, providing extensive  for everyone should be enforced.

Combating the pandemic, the country stands amongst top global rankings for vaccination rates, with 72% of the educational cadre at public schools receiving the vaccine. The remarkable effort is praised by ESE & concerned authorities.


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