These Useful Apps Will Make Your Life Easier

Useful Apps

According to Statista – an online statistics research platform, an average of 6,140 mobile apps were launched every day via the Google Play Store during the third quarter of 2016 to the first quarter of 2018.

But not all apps suit everyone’s needs and some are more useful and practical than the others depending on a person’s lifestyle.

Here in the UAE, there are essential apps that are recommended whether you’re new or a long time resident.

Want to know what are these? Get your phones ready and list down these apps that will make your life a bit comfy one way or another…


Useful Apps

Getting around the capital can be a breeze with the help of this app from the Department of Transport.

Gain access to live info. on traffic conditions, traffic incidents, road works and bus timings in real time.

A user can also book a taxi, pay for Mawaqif parking and even obtain ferry schedule details. Visit:


There’s no shortage of fitness activities and gyms in and around the city. While that’s certainly good news, that can also be confusing given the amount of options to look at.

This app compiles information about fitness studios and programmes. Users can book up to three classes per studio per month and also enjoy discounts. Visit:


Have your food delivered at home or in the office with the help of this app. Choose from the huge number of restaurants on the list, place an order and track the distance and whereabouts of your food via the app. Visit:


If you feel like skipping a regular taxi, then this is your go-to app to obtain a ride to your next destination. What’s more, this app offers discount on rides to help passengers make the most of their fare. Visit:


Get your grocery needs delivered at home, sparing you the trouble of having to hop from one shop to another.

Through the app, users can view product items with prices and throw them all in a virtual cart. Choose to pay in cash and card and wait for your groceries to be delivered within 30 minutes. Visit:

The Entertainer

From spa treatments, brunches and hotel stays, users will get their leisure fix in less time and all year around. Visit:


Apps to Help Make Life Easy

We all work hard, so better take care of our hard earned cash. This app is designed with tools to help users manage finances by keeping track of expenses and budgets to better meet savings needs. Visit:

Visit Abu Dhabi

Useful to both tourists and residents, this app contains useful information on events, maps, activities and places to visit in the emirate – useful for those looking for landmarks to see with cultural and historical significance. Visit:


This special app designed for home improvement needs gives users access to its large network of household maintenance companies.

Whether you’re looking for carpenters, landscapers, electricians, plumbers, and many more, you will surely find it here. The app is designed with cost estimate features and has a 24/7 chat support. Visit:


Car sharing app ekar provides on-demand access to vehicles for pay-per minute or long-term rentals.

The app is designed with instant reservations and smart technology for real-time responses, making it possible for drivers to pick up and drop off vehicles in designated spots of convenience. Visit:

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