Vegan Diet, Are You Ready For That Change?

Vegan Diet salad

With World Vegan Day happening on 1st November, now’s the perfect time to re-evaluate our diet and eating lifestyle.

There are many reasons why people take on a vegan diet. For some, it’s about caring for animals and preserving the environment.

But even more important are the many health benefits that can be derived from eating plant-based food.

Vegan diet fruits

“Studies have shown that a vegan diet provides the body with more fibre, antioxidants and beneficial plant compounds,” says Banin Shahine, nutrition manager at Fitness First.

“These nutrients help the digestive system, protect the body from chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and diabetes and help cleanse the liver.”

Not convinced? Take note of Banin’s helpful pointers on the benefits of a vegan diet…

blue berries which are part of the vegan diet.

Shift in food intake. Ditching meat and dairy will encourage you to eat more healthy options like vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

More energy. Consuming sugar and processed food can leave you feeling lethargic. Instead, eat whole food packed with natural vitamins and minerals. Healthy substitutes for sugar can be fruits especially bananas and apples.

Healthy heart. Animal products like meat and cheese contains saturated fat that increases cholesterol. Embracing a vegan diet can help significantly reduce cholesterol levels for a healthy heart and also decrease the risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Green juice for a vegan diet

Less migraines. Do you know that eating plant-based food can reduce migrant attacks? That’s another reason to take on a vegan diet.

Healthy kidney. A meat diet isn’t always best for the body, especially in high consumption. Recent studies have shown that by following a vegan diet you can reduce the risk of kidneys not functioning properly. Plant proteins are healthier for your organs and help encourage production levels within the liver and kidney.

We’ve listed few tips on World Obesity Day that can help reduce obesity and lead to a healthy lifestyle.

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