These Dishes Are Vegan Friendly Yet Taste Like Meat In Abu Dhabi

If you love vegan dishes or if you are a vegetarian, head down to Le Royal Meridien Abu Dhabi to know how lucky you can be this January.

Le Royal Meridien Abu Dhabi has joined the movement in practicing sustainability with a commitment of going vegan / vegetarian across their luxury chic 5-star hotel. They believe consumers have become more conscious about what they consume; hence they feel this can help contribute to the environment.


Their culinary team have come together in creating dishes inspired with the brand “Beyond Meats” and to incorporate flavorful ingredients catering both vegetarian and vegan-friendly options. Needless to say, yes all of our outlets will go vegetarian and in addition to this will also continue to incorporate sustainable and ethical standard practices where possible. PJ O’Reilly’s being a haven and home away from home for many now has a varied assortment with meat-free options to choose. Dishes include vegetarian chilli con carne to start, with beyond bangers and mash to follow as a main course.

Market Kitchen

Best known for a farm to table experience, Market Kitchen amps up its offerings with nine dishes to choose from – including a teriyaki white cabbage steak. Other exciting dishes include roasted celeriac and a banana choco brownie with strawberry sorbet to tickle those sweet buds. Cooked to perfection in their josper oven, one might just say that the josper grilled beyond burger at Stratos will in no doubt be your golden ticket to starting your vegetarian journey. Also on the menu includes a tomato burrata salad, mushroom risotto and a carrot biscoff cake, just to name a few.

Beyond Burger

Whether you might be out in the city for lunch or just the evening out, feel free to add one of their new additions to your list and support the veganuary movement one dish or maybe even two at a time.

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