Visit the new kids zone at The National Aquarium in Abu Dhabi

The National Aquarium
Creative and visual learning tools for children and their parents

A fun, interactive and colorful experience awaits at The National Aquarium this summer! The Middle East’s largest aquarium, unveiled its latest technological addition titled ‘Bella and Rio’s playground’.

The interactive kids zone was named after the aquarium’s beloved Hyacinth Macaws, Bella & Rio. The Bella and Rio’s playground is located in the Flood Forest and is officially opened to the public free of charge.

Bella and Rio at The National Aquarium

Its a perfect timing with summer holidays for kids to learn, explore and discover fun facts about animals and rainforest. To guide young, exciting and enthralled children towards education through interactive games is the inspiration of curating this setup.

The new kids zone is filled with a range of entertaining and engaging activities. Kids can color their favourite animal in unique and creative ways and watch the animal come to life on an animated wall display.

Children can safely engage with these display to learn more about the inhabitants of the Flooded Forest ( Hyacinth Macaws, Anteaters, Monitor Lizards and Capybaras ) by physically interacting with their own artwork.

Interactive Play Zone

There’s more than the Kids Zone at The National Aquarium in Abu Dhabi. Kids can video map their own volcano, interact with planktons, meet – Khalid the pearl diving persona and interactive ice-age through screens and signage guides.

Visitors will enjoy the magnificent sight of more than 8,000 rainforest creatures exist within this space. There are magnificent free-roaming birds flying around but don’t go near guests. An unfathomable 115 kg python and color popping Hyacinth Macaws Bella and Rio.

The National Aquarium is home to 46,000 animals and is spread across 11 zones. The Flooded Forest zone emphasizes the important role the rainforest plays in the global ecosystem.


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