What makes Ferrari World Abu Dhabi’s experience so special?

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
Home to the world’s fastest rollercoaster

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi offers Ferrari inspired experiences that fit guests of all ages. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is home to a variety of kids attractions including a miniature version of the Park’s most iconic rides. Family Zone helps the little ones experience that Ferrari feeling.

Junior Training Camp at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

With Formula Rossa Junior, little ones can enjoy the world’s fastest rollercoaster in their own miniature version. The ride is based on the actual track of the Formula Rossa which reaches a speed of up to 45 km/hr with the Ferrari thrill.

Turbo Tower is a miniature version of the iconic Turbo Track. It takes guests on a ride of a lifetime as they experience zero gravity fall and two exciting bouncing drops. You will surely have your heart bounding here!

With Flying Wings become a captain of your own flight as you glide through the park. The miniature version of the record breaking Flying Aces is perfect for the whole family.

At Speedway Race, little ones are in for a unique experience. Its a miniature version of Junior Grand Prix featuring a colourful two-seater car and light flashing as the ride progresses.

The Junior Training Camp helps older kids tackle challenges to advance their climbing agility and develop problem solving skills. The younger kids can enjoy at Nello’s adventure land, a soft play area created for little ones.

Guests can explore a mini tour at Bell’Italia where they’ll hop in a small-scale Ferrari 250 California circa 1958, exploring the coastline with breath-taking views.

With so many rides and thrills, the award winning park is definitely a unique family friendly experience.

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