Where’s Woolly? Take Part In This Fun Hunt For Woolly

Woolly in Marina Mall Abu Dhabi

If you happen to pass by Marina Mall make sure to keep an eye on stickers of Woolly The Mammoth fossil for a chance to win exciting prizes.

fossil for a chance to win exciting prizes.

The stickers are placed near select outlets inside the mall and shoppers will need to find as many as they can – call it a unique indoor hunt experience.

After collecting as many stickers, visitors will have to paste them in participation forms available at the mall’s customer service desks.

The prizes awaiting hunters include AED 100 cards from entertainment centre Magic Planet worth AED 150 each, 100 five-minute ride tickets from Crazy Cars, 200 tickets to Marina Eye, 50 bowling tickets worth AED 50 at Emirates Bowling Village and 10 tickets to trampoline park BOUNCE worth AED 100.

Posters will also be placed on windows of various outlets across the mall until the 4th August.

By uploading their photos with these posters on Instagram with the hashtag #findingwooly, participants can enter a raffle draw. 

Grand prizes up for grabs too such as a birthday party package for ten children from BOUNCE worth AED 1,350, ten luxury tickets from VOX Cinemas, a PS4 worth AED 1,250 from E-City and toy kit amounting to AED 500 from Hamleys.

Visit: marinamall.ae

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Finding Woolly! شارك برحلة جديدة مليئة بالمتعة والجوائز استكشف في المارينا مول لتجد موطن الماموث الصوفي في مكان عرضه الجديد اربح ثلاث جوائز كبرى من اي سيتي / باونس/ هامليز واكثر من 500 جائزة فورية من ماجيك بلانيت كرازي كار قرية البولينج فوكس سينما باونس وعين المارينا شارك باستلام الطلب من خدمة العملاء لتبدء رحلة البحث عن اثار تقود الى محلات مختارة يتواجد بها الطوابع المتوجب جمع خمسة منها على الأقل لملئ الاستمارة وربح جائزة فورية. *حتى نفاذ الجوائز ولفترة محددة كما يمنكم الدخول بالسحب للجوائز الكبرى من خلال البحث عن الهاشتاج (  #findingwoolly ) واخذ صورة معه لتحميلها على صفحات التواصل الاجتماعي وعمل تاج ل ( marinamall) وثلاثة من اصدقاءك لتربح: 1-  بلاي ستاشين مقدمة من محلات اي سيتي 2-  حجز قاعة حفل عيد ميلاد لعشرة اطفال من باونس 3-  مجموعة من الهدايا والالعاب من هحلات هامليز Finding Woolly! Start new journey full of joy and prizes Explore Marina Mall the home land of Woolly Mammoth to find out the new display spot. 3 Grand prizes by e-City / Bounce / Hamly’s Over 500 prizes sponsored by Magic Planet, Crazy Car, Emirates Bowling, Vox Cinema, Bounce and Marina Eye. Sign up at customer service desk to start a tour finding clues in selected stores and areas in the mall where you have tocollect minimum 5 colored stickers to complete the form and win valuable prize immediately! *For a limited period and/or prizes done. Moreover, find the #FindingWoolly on store glasses or clues stand to take a photo then upload it to your Instagram/Facebook account then tag @marinamall and three of your friends to enter a raffle for three grand prizes of: 1-  PS4 with free games by e-City 2-  Birthday party hall for ten kids by Bounce 3-  Gift Package by Hamly’s @ecityuae @bouncemideast @hamleysme @magicplanetmena @emiratesbowlingvillage @voxcinemas @crazycar

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