Withdraw 50% of salary in advance under this new scheme

Salary in Advance
Applicable to salaried individuals

Customers will be allowed to avail up to 50% of salary in advance before the usual pay day. A new feature has been introduced by Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank ( ADIB ) by using the bank’s dedicated mobile app.

‘Yusr – ADIB Salary Advance’ feature has been launched by ADIB, the leading Islamic financial institution.

Providing an innovative Sharia compliant products and services, ADIB has introduced this new feature. Customers can avail an advance amount instantly based on Murabaha structure.

The new product “ADIB Yusr Salary Advance Finance” can be accessed through mobile banking app and is designed to help existing ADIB salary transfer customers.

Both UAE Nationals and Expatriates can manage their financials and fulfill their short-term funding needs.

The product aims to provide convenience and assist customers to access up to 50% of their salaries. A maximum of AED 50,000/- in advance is possible until next salary transfer.

It will be offered to salaried individuals with a minimum income of Dh 5,000 per month. The product is available to existing salaried customers whose salary has been credited to ADIB for at least the last three months.

Customers can check their eligibility to apply for ‘Yusr’ through the mobile app.


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