Al Ain Zoo offers a number of educational tours for students

Al Ain Zoo
The zoo has applied innovative educational strategies in different programs

Al Ain Zoo has announced a number of educational tours for all school students. This is in conjunction with the Back To School season.

They have also applied innovation in a variety of programs and activities. The programs have been designed specifically to enrich the curriculum for different school stages. The Zoo’s offering includes a virtual educational tour via Microsoft Teams platform. Here students are in a video conference with the educational officers.

The sessions include a guided virtual tour around the Zoo and the Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre. Students will explore five different interactive exhibitions and the world’s largest man-made safari.

Teachers can also set up their own tours where they will be responsible for planning and organizing an interesting and enjoyable educational journey for their students at Al Ain Zoo.

The innovative learning programs are available in both English and Arabic. Students will be provided with tools that add value to the positive outcomes of the curricula of various subjects. Thus enriching students knowledge and ability to learn.

Al Ain Zoo also offers an environmental research service that seeks to encourage supporting academic research for all students.

They also assist researchers by facilitating visits to the research centre located at the Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre. The Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre is home to the latest printed and electronic resources for students and researchers.

If you haven’t been to Al Ain Zoo, you can plan your visit on


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