Try these mouth-watering healthy breakfast options on World Egg Day

Basket of Eggs
Eggs are a delicious vessel of proteins

We long ago pledged unwavering allegiance to the egg. A flawless, versatile, delicious vessel of protein. You can have them fried, hard-boiled, whisked into a frittata. Somehow it always works.

To celebrate World Egg Day, we’ve looked at some scrumptious dishes that will make you want to eat these amazing recipes for breakfast all day.

  • Hole-some Egg Sandwich

World Egg Day Breakfast

Who would miss a breakfast like this? A crusty bread with gooey cheese, and a creamy avocado besides a napkin for the inevitable yolk explosion.

  • Devilled Eggs

Devilled Eggs on World Egg Day

Few things can take a creamy & a lemony devilled eggs up a notch, like an exceptional combination with smoked salmon or blue cheese. Even if you can’t pronounce hors d’oeuvres, you sure can enjoy them.

  • Large Size Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict

Fill yourself with this brunch classic by making it on a savoury muffin or a baguette, but definitely don’t go light on the hollandaise.

  • Shakshuka your way away!


Standing in the kitchen with eyes half shut, sipping coffee like a zombie? Suddenly, the aromas of sizzling tomatoes or spinach for the Green Shakshuka, onions, red pepper, and spices waft into the air, and you’re awake as can be.

  • Superfood Egg Sandwich

Egg Sandwich

Give a classic old-school egg salad sando a superfood makeover with Greek yogurt, spinach, healthy seeds, avocado, and watercress shoots. Pile it all on whole-grain bread, and you’ll have a sandwich the office will envy.

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