Indulge in the World’s First Open Fire Food Festival with Steve Harvey!

Open Fire Food Festival

Masterclass sessions with celebrities at this Open Fire Food Festival.

Prepare for a culinary extravaganza at the iconic Yas Marina Circuit, as Steve Harvey hosts the ultimate ‘Down Home-Country’ Style BBQ festival. Ignite your taste buds with a tantalizing array of flavors, from succulent ribs to mouthwatering slow-cooked brisket.

Experience Flavors on Wheels!

Delight in a lineup of food trucks and pop-ups offering a diverse range of delectable treats to satisfy every craving.

Test Your Skills & More!

Challenge yourself in cooking competitions, eating contests, spice challenges, and other exciting activities. Can you out-BBQ the pros?

A Festival for Everyone!

Join us in celebrating diversity, inclusion, family, and culture at the Open Fire Food Festival by Steve Harvey. Your presence is the missing ingredient!

Sip, Savour & Relax!

Unwind on Abu Dhabi Hill with a selection of delicious cocktails, craft hops, grape, and specialty spirits.

Live Music & Entertainment!

Enjoy the infectious energy of live music and entertainment throughout the day, including a headliner performance you won’t want to miss.

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