Would You Ride An Airplane Fuelled By Plants?

An Aeroplane flyin in blue sky with the word Etihad written on it

The country’s flag carrier just made a major breakthrough in revolutionising long haul commercial flights.

Etihad Airways’ Boeing 787 successfully completed a flight from Abu Dhabi to Amsterdam in the Netherlands using homegrown plants cultivated in seawater as source of fuel.

The fuel came from oil in Salicornia plants grown on two-hectare farm in Masdar City, which is the world’s first desert ecosystem designed to produce food and fuel in saltwater.

grass and weed growing in a farm with construction in the background
Salicornia plants being grown on two-hectare farm in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi

This latest initiative is part of Etihad’s vision of utilising sustainable, clean and eco-friendly fuel for its flights.

Working alongside the airline company in turning this into a reality are Khalifa University, Boeing, ADNOC, Safran, GE and BAUER Resources.

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There are more studies being conducted by both government and private sector groups in the hope of discovering other potential biofuel sources for future use.



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