Keep Your Kids Active With These YouTube Channels

Sesame Street on YouTube channel

The holidays should be funtastic for the little ones but coupled with lockdown means your kids are probably going stir crazy. So it’s YouTube to the rescue.

Sesame Street

So let’s start with a classic where those adorable Muppets have been teaching kids the alphabet for 50 years now, and probably taught parents too. Let the kids meet favourites such as Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Elmo, Bert, and Ernie and the rest of the crew over at Sesame Street.


Learning can be fun… promise! Your kids can also be part of the big thinking joys of TED Talks. Log on to Ted-Ed and let kids learn the age-old questions such as ‘Does Time Exist?’ and ‘How Do Birds Learn to Sing?’. Experts answer the questions and creative have added fantastic graphics to capture the imagination of even the most restless kids.

Super Simple Songs


Who doesn’t love a good old sing-a-long? We know the kids will and Super Simple Songs has all the favourites. The songs are pretty clever as not only will the kiddos be belting out a great tune, they’ll also be learning along the way. What’s more exciting than counting to 100 with Finny the Shark?

National Geographic Kids

This YouTube channel for kids from National Geographic uploads frequently with cool videos of awesome animals, fun science and colourful travel destinations.  But it’s not just about heading around the world. Kids can discover what’s going on right at home too, in National Geographic programmes such as How to Speak Cat.

Minute Physics

Why is the Solar System flat?  Well, the quick illustrated tutorials over on Minute Physics will answer that and many other such questions from inquisitive little minds. These perfect snackable science lessons are easily digested for those science-minded kids.


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