Comedian Zakir Khan Will Be Heading To Abu Dhabi In 2024

Zakir Khan

Tickets For Zakir Khan Are On Sale Now!

After performing for a jam-packed Royal Albert Hall in London last month, comedian Zakir Khan aims to send Abu Dhabi audience into peals of laughter.

Known for his relatable comedy, especially for all the single men out there, Zakir Khan will be holding stage at Etihad Arena on Sunday, 18th February, 2024. His routine is predominantly in Hindi, keeping with his humble Indian guy image.

Tickets are on sale now, with prices starting from AED 195 for lower tier bronze seats, rising to AED 495 for floor gold. His shows are dispersed with Urdu poetry, given that he comes from a family of known poets and musicians. And that only adds to his rustic and heartfelt approach to shows.

Khan burst onto the stand-up comedy shows scene with “Haq Se Single” in 2017 in India, and since then, has been performing worldwide. His typical style of storytelling draws from experiences of his childhood and college, as he talks about thought-provoking subjects with generous doses of humor.

Zakir Khan’s iconic catchphrase ‘sakht launda’ loosely translates to tough guy, but more in the sense of having immense self-control to avoid the charms of pretty women. He refers to the phrase to refer to his singlehood situations, relatable to millions of his fans.

Going by Khan’s earlier shows, we expect this one to be sold out as well. To avoid missing out on his comedic brilliance, book your tickets here

Only those above 16 years of age will be allowed to the show.


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