Have You Watched The Drone Spectacle Illuminating Abu Dhabi?

Drone Show

Manar Abu Dhabi Light Art Exhibition

The Abu Dhabi skyline transforms into a captivating visual canvas as part of the drone and light show. Manar Abu Dhabi is a sprawling citywide outdoor light art exhibition. One of the standout attractions is the mesmerizing drone and light show, unfolding nightly and visible from the iconic Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Crafted by the renowned French company Groupe F, the 24-minute public art performance showcases the architectural wonders of Saadiyat Island. From the splendid Louvre to a preview of the forthcoming Guggenheim Abu Dhabi (set to open in 2025), the display marries technology with artistic expression.

Manar Abu Dhabi’s installations are strategically placed across various locations, including Lulu Island, Corniche Road, Samaliyah Island, Fahid Island, Jubail mangroves, and the Eastern mangroves. These installations seamlessly blend with the natural beauty of coastal settings, adding a visual narrative to Abu Dhabi’s waterfront landscapes.

Curated as a free-to-view exhibition, Manar Abu Dhabi brings together the works of over 20 artists hailing from 14 different countries. The exhibition, running until 30th January, offers residents and visitors alike a unique and immersive experience of artistry and innovation against the backdrop of Abu Dhabi’s cityscape.

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