Zero Latency VR is Abu Dhabi’s first free-roam VR gaming experience

Zero Latency VR now at The Galleria
Enter a new world of reality at Zero Latency

Zero Latency VR, the global leader in free-roam multiplayer virtual reality entertainment, will be bridging the best of both, physical and virtual worlds in Abu Dhabi this summer.

The innovative experience will be Zero Latency’s first UAE location and Abu Dhabi’s first free roam VR experience. The attraction will debut at The Galleria Al Maryah Island, the capital’s leading lifestyle and entertainment destination.

At Zero Latency Abu Dhabi, up to eight people will be able to compete with or against each other in a variety of completely immersive virtual worlds.

Zero Latency VR in Abu Dhabi

With no cables or wires and a massive game space to roam, players are immersed inside a game where their bodies become the controllers, and their minds believe it’s real.

Players may choose their experiences from a library that includes over half a dozen games. This library features the zombie apocalypse favourite, Undead Arena, and puzzle adventure game, Engineerium, both available as special offers at the grand opening at The Galleria.

Zero Latency VR

Zero Latency VR has partnered with Qwerty LLC, an Emirati start-up dedicated to investing in cutting-edge technologies, to bring their warehouse-sized, multiplayer gaming experience to Abu Dhabi for the first time.

Zero Latency Abu Dhabi has instituted comprehensive hygiene and safety protocols to make the experience safe amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Continuous disinfection protocols ensure that all equipment and surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised in line with UAE government regulations. Employees are also tested regularly and have been vaccinated to keep everybody safe.

The VR system itself also uses state-of-the-art player tracking and proximity alerts to keep players at a safe distance from one another.

We are all excited for an all-new-experience powered by Zero Latency that brings families and groups of friends to go crazy!

Are you ready?


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