A New Initiative ‘Universe Of Crafts’ Celebrates Emirati Artisans

Emirati Woman
A user generated exhibition to showcase varied handicraft items from the UAE

Emirati Culture showcased at Al Hosn

The Department of Culture and Tourism has launched a new initiative that has put an open call to all Emirati artisans. They are encouraged to submit their handloom handicraft items to be exhibited for a display that will be set-up at Al Hosn’s House of Artisans. This focus on Emirati artisanal products is an effort to highlight the country’s culture and heritage by uplifting the local vendors.

Emirati Artisans

You can send your submissions till the end of the month. Items need to fall under the following seven categories to make it to the exhibit- “adornment and perfumery, culinary innovation, sea crafts, pottery, archival images, and weaving, or Al Sadu, a heritage element that has been inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.” The team will also collect the personal family legacies and stories that are intertwined with the products and the business to offer an in-depth view of what is creating and influencing UAE’s heritage.

Traditions in the UAE

“A large part of DCT Abu Dhabi’s cultural strategy revolves around the preservation and promotion of the emirate’s intangible heritage, safeguarding traditional Emirati practices and handicrafts and fostering pride among the younger generations by demonstrating the continued relevance of our past to contemporary life,” said Salama Al Shamsi, Director of Qasr Al Hosn. “Universe of Crafts is the latest DCT Abu Dhabi initiative to focus on raising awareness of the UAE’s unique cultural heritage. So much of our rich legacy of traditional crafts and practices is sitting in homes across the country; cherished objects linked to family or personal histories that, through their stories, may be able to shed new light on our collective past. By engaging and involving the community directly, we hope to gather a set of artefacts that tell a deeper, more personal story of traditional Emirati heritage, resulting in an exhibition different to anything House of Artisans has done before.”

Traditional weaving of box in UAE

If you’re an Emirati artisan or know someone who is creating products that would be a great fit for the display, visit qasralhosn.ae or contact [email protected] to send in your applications September 30th.


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